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Thursday, 3 April, 2008

Back again with Workstreamr...

This is the repost from my tumblr log:

Its been a long time since my last post… I had been busy working on a few products that will probably change tomorrow.

One such product is Workstreamr. It’s something we had started to work on with the founders of Workstreamr - Stowe, Ben and Sam. Personally, Stowe has been a philosopher and guide to me and I have learnt a lot from him. Ben and Sam are my friends and I greatly admire their enthusiasm, drive and ambition. These three guys came to us at GlobalLogic with this fantastic idea called Workstreamr and I could immediately see how it could change the way project collaboration was done. I had been a user of several project collaboration tools, including Basecamp, and had been frustrated with some of its limitations. I could see immense value in something like Workstreamr.

Workstreamr is one of those products that logically takes the concepts of Web 2.0 away from mere “social networking” to help people do much more - work, collaborate and be productive. Even if you are a freelancer or a small business enterprise, Workstreamr hopes to help you collaborate in a way you want to do without putting too much work overheads for you to handle at each step. Though large enterprises will benefit from this product immensely, but its really the small businesses and freelancers that will prosper from using Workstreamr.

I am excited. To collaborate I will no longer need to set up complex workflows and track them. Workstreamr is more human - it allows stuff to ”flow” to me in a “stream”, which I can respond to when I want to in my time-space. The concepts of streaming and flow have been around in the design community for sometime - but to see it beautifully crafted into a product like Workstreamr is a joy. You will have to get an invite for Workstreamr and see for yourself how it works.

Working on this product has been fulfilling for me as a designer and in the way we collaborated across geographies and across design and development competencies as an integrated team, one of the important value propositions of Globallogic’s Version 1.0 offering. I think the first big step we took was to clearly visualize the product as a team, prototype it, start development in “small but sure” iterations and build ahead from there. I think the team is a great one - the pace and quality that has been set is amazing.

Watch out for more on the Workstreamr experience in the future. Until then get an invite, try it out and keep your feedback coming.

My move to "tumblr" didn't work out...

I had moved to 'tumblr', but had to revert back to 'blogger.com' because tumblr is designed to be a scrapbook and a group-log, and a good old blog is what i was looking for.